On August 8th, the US Post Office will release a postage stamp for their Music Icons Series featuring the above image of Janis Joplin.
It was taken by David Gahr in June 1970 at the Chelsea Hotel in NY.
The stamps are available for pre-order here.

Extinct Penguin Was Tall Enough to Play in the NBA
A penguin that lived more than 35 million years ago was the largest ever, and would stand twice as tall as today’s largest penguin, according to new fossil evidence.

Cover of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky’s 1914 version of “Исследование мировых пространств реактивными приборами” (“The Exploration of Cosmic Space by Means of Reaction Devices”), initially published in 1903. This was the first text to seriously demonstrate the possibility of spaceflight, outlining several foundational principles of rocketry, including the use of a multistage rocket fueled by liquid oxygen and hydrogen.

Underground (1995). French poster.

Andrei Tarkovsky on the set of his final film, THE SACRIFICE.

“Madness is only a variety of mental nonconformity and we are all individualists here.” - Cross Creek
Happy Birthday, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings!

Short Stories
1912 “The Reincarnation of Miss Hetty”
1931 “Cracker Chidlins”
1931 “Jacob’s Ladder”
1931 “Plumb Care Conscience”
1932 “A Crop of Beans”
1932 “Gal Young Un” (O. Henry Award First Prize for 1932)
1933 “Hyacinth Drift”
1933 “Alligators”
1933 “Benny and the Bird Dogs”
1934 “The Pardon”
1936 “A Mother in Mannville”
1936 “Varmints”
1938 “Mountain Rain”
1939 “I Sing While I Cook” (nonfiction)
1939 “Cocks Must Crow”
1940 “The Pelican’s Shadow”
1940 “The Enemy”
1941 “Jessamine Springs”
1941 “The Provider”
1942 “Fanny, You Fool!”
1944 “Shell”
1945 “Black Secret”
1945 “Miriam’s Houses”
1947 “Mountain Prelude” (6-part series based on “A Mother in Mannville”)
1949 “The Friendship”
1940 “In The Heart”
1933 South Moon Under
1935 Golden Apples
1938 The Yearling
1940 When the Whippoorwill
1942 Cross Creek
1942 Cross Creek Cookery
1950 Jacob’s Ladder
1953 The Sojourner
1955 The Secret River
2002 Blood of My Blood (lost first novel originally written in 1928)

Image description
From U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service:

A hermit crab emerges from its shell at Howland Island National Wildlife Refuge, in the Pacific Ocean 1,600 miles southwest of Honolulu. (USFWS)